Known Bugs/Problems

I can't get Au2HTML to install! What do I do?

There have been a few problems with the installation of Au2html on machines that curently have an existing copy of the file GVBOX.OCX. This will usually give the error:"You do not have the appropriate liscence to use this functionality"." This is easily resolved by doing one of the following: Searching within windows for the file gvbox.ocx and deleting (or renaming if you want to keep it) all instances of this file except for the one in your windows 95 /system directory or if you using Windows NT /system32. Or you may edit your windows registry and search for gvbox.ocx and point it to your windows /system directory. That should take care of it! Rember if you are uncertain about deleting the gvbox.ocx file, simply rename it!

The Help Icon "?" or the information "i" icon does not show up on my screen.What is wrong?

This program is written for screen sizes of 800x600 or larger you're probably set at 600x480. Simply set you screen width to 800x600 or larger and you'll be all set!

How do I UNISTALL this program?

Pretty easy. In windows goto the Control Panel and click on "Add/Remove" programs. You will find Au2HTML listed there. Simply click on it.

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