Au2HTML version 3.0

Au2HTML is intended for webmasters, and people interested in creating web-pages, thumbnails and file listings with as little effort as possible.
Au2HTML is a simple yet very powerful program that automates routines associated with page/library creation.

Create webpages of filenames and/or thumbnails on the fly!
Create custom thumbnails of many file formats and directories!
Create <a href=...> of filenames and generated thumbnails!
Create webpages of full or partial directories automatically!
Create and write complete HTML code for selected thumbnails and filenames!
Create the HTML pages for multiple file directories and paths!
Create thumbnail references for each file contained within a directory!
Create thumbnail index pages!
Create file listings in HTML format!
Create index pages of file listings!
Create any HTML document with it's built in HTML editor!
FTP right from your HTML editor to update your server pages instantly!
Simplify your file library updates!
Create Image Maps on the fly easily!
Create custom tables and frames with the "Quick Page Wizard"
Drag and drop webpage and image files to code!
View amd convert many different formats of graphic files easily!


Au2HTML has a built in HTML editor/file viewer!
Au2HTML has built in "Quick Page" for HTML editing ease!
Built-in FTP reference button, to FTP your pages instantly!
Built-in Image Mapper!
Built-in Internal web page Browser!
Drag and drop HTML pages!
Drag and drop images!
Built-in Frame Page Wizard!
Built-in Quick Table Wizard!
Au2HTML shows all image files in a chosen directory as thumbnails!
Au2HTML has a graphic image viewer built right in!
Thumbnails most graphic images in no time!
Creates thumbnailed index pages on the fly!
And much more...

Syetem Requirements:
486 or faster PC running Windows 95/98 or NT 4.0, 2 megs of RAM or more, and 8mb HD space for install.

Au2HTML offers the following useful tools built right in, to take care of your webpage needs. Its like 3 great programs in one! Download the latest version of Au2HTML or check out more of the features below!

  Code generator allows you to say goodbye to endless hours of html coding file directories for your libraries/pages. Au2HTML makes coding a snap! What does it do? Just point it to a directory where your images or files reside and Au2HTML will produce thumbnails, file listings and thumbnail index pages of all the files you want it to instantly!
A truly powerful tool that makes the most impossible tasks a reality. Loaded with custom features and options to taylor how you want your newly coded webpages to look and feel!

  Creating thumbnails of your images has never been easier! Simply choose the images you want thumbnailed and your done! Plus there are many custom options to make sure thumbnails come out the way you want them to! Click here to learn more about Au2HTML's the built-in Thumbnailer!
Just point Au2HTML to any directory and your images are thumbnailed. Au2HTML is able to handle thousands of images at once. You can even convert your images to many different fileformats at the touch of a button. Crop, resize and convert! There's even a built in viewer to view, zoom and catalog your favorite images. Thumbnailing has never been easier!

  With Au2HTML's built-in html editor, customizing and creating is a breeze! Start from scratch or use it with the other tools to view your newly created pages. Includes a large number of features other html editors are lacking such as built-in Image mapper and the latest ASP and html tags!
Drag & drop banners/links, insert images, movies, java applets, extensions, tables, frames, quick pages and more at the click of a button!

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