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New- Au2HTML Version 4.2 has just hit the net! Including many new features and enhancements!The ultimate webmaster tool for creating thumbnail index pages! Take a look at some of the featuresbelow!

" Au2HTML is a professional-strength suite of programs for anyonewho needs to catalog, present, and deliver multiple images on the Web.!" ZDNet

Au2Html version 4 has been released!

  • Create quick file listings in html format!
  • Just point Au2Html to a directory of images/files and have it create thumbnail indexes of your file libraries on the fly!!
  • Create thumbnails and links to the full images instantly!
  • Drag and Drop links and images (great for quick banner pages!)
  • Create complete HTML coded file Libraries automatically!
  • Create "next / previous" linked galleries!
  • Edit your pages instantly within the browser!
  • Automatically create index files for your thumbnail pages!
  • Create thumbnails and file listings on the fly!
  • Built-in Image Mapper to create image maps in real time!
  • Create/Edit HTML pages with built-in Html Editor!
  • Create Index files of file directories!
  • View your HTML updates from within!
  • Option to have thumbnails link to webpages containing the image!
  • FTP your updates instantly from within!
This professional-strength suite of Webmaster toolsautomates code-intensive routines associated with thumbnail page and image library creation. Use it to create hyperlinkedindex pages of filenames and/or thumbnails on the fly, generate custom thumbnails of various file formats, andput together online libraries from local or remote file directories automatically.

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Painlessly compile image collections, generate thumbs,compose and edit display pages, then upload them to your Web space -- all in one environment!

Au2HTML offers the followinguseful tools built right in, to take care ofyour webpage needs. Its like 3 great programsin one! Download the latest version of Au2HTMLor check out more of the features!

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