Au2HTML version 3.0

Au2HTML's Thumbnail features

  Creating thumbnails of your images has never been easier! Simply choose the images you want thumbnailed and your done! Plus there are many custom options to make sure thumbnails come out the way you want them to!

Just point Au2HTML to any directory and your images are thumbnailed. Au2HTML is able to handle thousands of images at once. You can even convert your images to many different file formats at the touch of a button. Crop, resize and convert! There's even a built in viewer to view, zoom and catalog your favorite images. Thumbnailing has never been easier!

Au2Html supports all of the below image formats for conversion:

· ART PFS First Publisher
· BMP Microsoft Windows and OS2 bitmaps
· CUT Dr. Halo
· DIB Microsoft Windows Device Independent Bitmaps
· EMF Windows Enhanced Meta-files
· GEM GEM Raster files (Digital Research)
· GIF CompuServe Graphics Interchange Format
· HRZ Slow Scan Television
· IFF Interchange File Format (Amiga Electronic Arts Deluxe Paint)
· IMG GEM Raster files (Digital Research)
· JPG Joint Photographics Experts Group
· LBM Interchange File Format (Amiga Electronic Arts Deluxe Paint)
· MAC Macintosh Paint
· MSP Microsoft Paint
· PCX ZSoft PC Paintbrush
· PIC Pictor PC Paint
· PNG CompuServe Portable Network Graphics
· RAS Sun Raster files
· RLE Run-length Encoded BMP files
· TGA Targa TrueVision Files
· TIF Tagged Image File Format (PC or Mac)
· WMF Windows Meta-files
· WPG Word Perfect Graphics


Creating thumbnails is easy as this 4 steps!

· Choose the directory your files reside in
· Choose the directory you wish to store the thumbnails in
· Double click on the files you wish to add to your list.
· Choose create when you are satisfied with your choices.


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