Au2Thumbs PRO gives you the advanced features you want!

Command line mode, allows you to use Au2Thumbs Pro into your current applications!

Au2Thumbs Pro also allows you to use most of its options via a commandline or dos prompt, allowing the flexability of using of Advanced Thumbnail creation with perl, Win95, Win98, Nt4, CGI scripting or any platform that executes EXE files. You could even write scripts to automate processing of thumbnails online in real time! Some of the commands available are:

/imagedir= Where your images are (must be in quotes)
/thumbdir= Where you want to put your thumbnails (must be in quotes)
/quality= Image Quality (# from 1-100) (default 95)
/ow= Auto-Overwrite thumbnails (yes, no) (default yes)
/type= Image type (*.jpg, *.gif, *.bmp ...etc) (default *.jpg)
/border= Create borders in thumbnails (yes, no) (default no)
/size= Size of outputted thumbnail (10-300) (default 45)
/min= Minimize program during thumbnailing (yes, no) (default yes)
/x= Exit the program after all thumbnails created (yes, no) (default yes)

/help= Brings up help file with command line parameters (yes,no) (default no)
note: /help must be run seperately by itself as it ends the program after displaying. Example /help=yes

Examples: c:\au2thmpr /type=*.jpg /border=yes /size=89 /quality=99 /thumbdir="c:\thumbs\" /imagedir="e:\" /x=no

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