Updated Version 2.8 has just been released!

CodeSwitcher is a very powerful search-and-replace program you can use to make changes and update multiple webpages/files at once! Just enter your find and replace options and your done! You can even assign a file mask, select which files to process, and view the contents of individual pages or files instantly. Great for changing banners, images links or any other coding! CodeSwitcher even works with text files!

the latest version and see!

CodeSwitcher has the following features:
  • Update multiple webpages instantly!
  • Replace all occurrences with new code!
  • Search for occurrences of any code!
  • Templates to use frequent code!
  • View code within default browser!
  • Saves hours/days of redoing code!
  • Search and replace almost any web code!
  • Extended Replace List box
  • Enlarge Find, Replace and Text Box option!
  • Uses your default browser for viewing!
  • Document text box allows you to view "raw" code in text form!
  • Case Sensitive Code/Text searching ability!
  • Right click mouse for file attributes and instant browser view!
  • Even works with text and doc files!
  • Customize logging options with time and date stamps!
  • Handles larger files than previous versions!
  • New speed optimization 40% faster!
  • Built-in UNDO button!
  • Coded live statistics!
  • Built in editing features!
  • Easy to use and learn! Just point and click!
  • Great for Banner swaps, URL swaps, Images swaps, changing your website pages simultaneously, Y2k updates and more!
  • Auto-Update to the latest version!
  • Logging changes/events to a text file for later viewing!
  • Advanced code editing menus!
  • Option allows printing of Replaced Files!
  • Logging browser allows to save/edit log files!
  • Improved search and replace speed!
  • Ability to handle even larger files!
  • Additional error trapping and messaging!
  • New status bar show progress visually!
  • Written for Windows 95/98 and NT!

Check out this screenshot of the current version!

"CodeSwitcher allows me to update all of my webpages at the same time, saving me hours of work each week!"
"I want to thank you for your codeswitcher program, I can now edit all my business documents in a few steps.."
"Thanks for responding so quickly, your tech support is second to none..."
"..we use codeswitcher to update our online image libraries and banner changes each month. A real time saver!"
"We just purchased an existing website and codeswitcher allowed us to easily replace all the old company info with our own in a matter of seconds...this would have taken us weeks to do manually...GREAT JOB!"
"I want to commend you on your codeswitcher software..."

"CodeSwitcher is a search-and-replace utility you can use to edit long lists of files in a single operation. Just select a folder (recursion is optional) and enter your search-and-replace text to do the deed. You can assign a file mask, select which files to process, and view the contents of individual text files. CodeSwitcher also includes a preview mode to show the results of your settings without actually making the changes. It's fast, easy to use, and includes online help." ZDNet

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