Webmasters, look no further...The ultimate Link-Exchange Checking Program is here! No need to wonder anymore if they took your link down. Now you can check ALL your link exchanges at once! Automatically! You can even send email to bad exchanges! Built in Logging, URL Database, Auto-Check Modes, and more! LinxCop does it all! Purchase LinxCop online now and save!

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  • Built in Database to store your link exchange information
  • Checks links according to attributes
  • Automatically sends email to bad link exchanges
  • Customize the outgoing email
  • Allows for "non-case sensitive" searches of specified URL's
  • Allows you to specify multiple code searches
  • Extensive Logging features


  • Multiple Database for multiple site records
  • Built in Automation or manual mode
  • Quick searches. As fast as your connection!
  • Log all searches to optional logfile
  • HTML may be viewed while checking
  • Multiple code and addresses may be specified
  • No CGI or Scripting needed!
  • Works on Windows 95/98 and Win NT

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Lets face it, link exchanges are very important in getting traffic to your site. This makes you money! Don't let them cheat you, let LinxCop check all your exchanges instantly! No CGI script needed! Run LinxCop from any Windows 95/98 or NT platform anytime you wish! In fact LinxCop can even run unattended in "Auto-check" mode plus it can notify those "bad link exchanges" via email!

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