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Please click on one of the download options below. Once the file is downloaded you may open it up by clicking on the filename. You will then be prompted from our setup wizard for installation onto your PC. Then simply click on the LINXCOP.EXE file or icon and your ready to go!
Note: This file is in ".zip" format, you MUST have the latest version of winzip to uncompress this file...older versions of winzip will give you errors.

Download options for LinxCop

Site #1 Click here to download LinxCop (

Once you have it installed, you will be prompted for the "Mail Settings" menu. Please fill in all the correct information about your POP or Mail server. This is necessary for the program to run properly. If you do have any problems feel free to email us, we will be glad to help!

Note: If you have any errors with the installation or program startup PLEASE email us, as we will be glad to help!

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