LinxCop is a program designed to make your daily link-checking totally automated! Just enter the URL into the database and LinxCop automatically checks to make sure your link is on their page! If your link is'nt found LinxCop will email the webmaster a custom message. LinxCop can even record to a logfile to keep track of your exchanges!


new version 2.6
  • Built in Database to store your link exchange information!
  • Checks links according to attributes!
  • Automatically sends email to bad link exchanges!
  • Fully Customize the outgoing email response!
  • Allows for "non-case sensitive" searches of specified URL's!
  • Allows you to specify multiple code searches!
  • Extensive Logging features!
  • Multiple Database for multiple site records!
  • Built in Automation or manual mode!
  • Quick searches. As fast as your connection!
  • Log all searches to optional logfile!
  • HTML may be viewed while checking!
  • Checks ANY coding, not just links!
  • Multiple code and addresses may be specified!
  • No CGI or Scripting needed!
  • Works on Windows 95/98 and Win NT4!

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