ListMan - organize your mailing lists with ease!

Mailing lists have become an extremely important way to inform and notify large amounts of people about something. Mailing lists need constant updating and filtering. People are constantly changing email addresses or even wish to be removed from your current mailing lists. ListMan provides the tools you need to successfully processing your current mailing lists with ease.

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ListMan has the following features...
  • Purge/combine multiple mail lists into one list.
  • Split mailing list into parts according to size (bytes)
  • Auto compare and remove addresses on a removal list
  • Filter/remove addresses by domain
  • Filter/remove addresses by name
  • Filter/remove addresses by amount of characters
  • Filter/remove addresses by syntax
  • Log all filtered removals to specified file
  • Remove invalid email addresses
  • Remove specified characters from email addresses
  • Sort email lists case sensitive or non case sensitive
  • Convert case to upper or lowercase when sorting
  • Auto prepare any list to send via BCC (auto add comma's)
  • Work with lists up to 750 kb bytes in size at one time. Split lists if larger.
  • Define list font size or style
  • Create new lists with ease
  • Cut/Copy and Paste commands available
  • Remove duplicate email addresses

ListMan was designed to help organize your existing mailing lists. ListMan will clean, filter, remove dupes and invalid email addresses at the click of a button! No longer is it necessary to manually filter your removal lists. Combine, split and even separate your mailing lists in little time with ListMan. Powerful list management software made simple.

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