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RankHigher is an intelligent page creation program that was designed to give your search engine submissions a boost! The program works simply by creating large amounts of "doorway" pages which all point to your main website page. Each page created is unique using intelligent randomizing and keyword placement in META tags, Body and Title tags. Search engines will spider these "doorway" pages and index them, thus increasing your search engine traffic! Why pay a website promoter to do what you can yourself with RankHigher! Simply effective!


CodeSwitcher® was designed to simplify changes made to your webpages, text files or any other html or doc file! Simply tell CodeSwitcher what to replace on your webpages and its done! Great for changing banners, images, links or any other code! Update multiple pages instantly! If you need to update your site painlessly, this is for you! Runs under Windows 95/98 and Windows NT platforms.


The ultimate Webmaster Library Utility! Tired of the tedious task of creating your image pages and thumbnails by hand? Au2Html will do it automatically! Create file libraries and thumbnail index pages on the fly! Theres even a built in HTML editor! Save days creating thumbnail index pages with Au2HTML®! Just point to a directory where your images files are and Au2HTML created the thumbnails AND the index pages! Rated 5 stars from ZDnet! Simple and FAST!

Au2Thumbs create perfect thumbnails everytime!

Au2Thumbs makes thumbnail creation a breeze! Just point and click for perfect thumbnails everytime! Lets face it, making thumbnails is a pain! Let Au2Thumbs simplify your thumbnail creation with our quick step processing. Perfect thumbnails every time! Create fully scalable thumbnails in multi-formats at the click of a button. Nothing could be easier! Download the latest version and see! And for more advanced thumbnails try Au2Thumbs PRO!


 Let's face it, Link Exchanges make you $$$! Is your banner/link still up on their site? Let LinxCop® check your link EXCHANGES for you! Comes with multiple databases to automatically track your link/banner exchanges with unlimited amounts of web sites! Check thousands of your Link Exchanges at once! LinxCop can even notify the websites via email when your link is'nt found! Automation at its best! No CGI needed! Works under Windows 95/98 and Windows NT.

Rename Pro- Auto rename your files with various renaming techiniques in batches!

Rename Pro is the newest addition to the FileHouse Software family. No longer is it a tedious task to rename all your new files, just point Rename Pro to them and automatically rename them sequentially or other! Tons of renaming options and sequences make this the tool of choice for webmasters and internet users. Great for image files and more!

ListMan Mailing List Filtering Software!

ListMan -Mailing lists have become an extremely important way to inform and notify large amounts of people about something. Mailing lists need constant updating and filtering. People are constantly changing email addresses or even wish to be removed from your current mailing lists. ListMan provides the tools you need to successfully filter, remove dupes, sort and prepare your current mailing lists with ease!


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