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Review by Dwayne Coots, ZDNet (10/99)

If you're interested in creating Web pages, thumbnails, and image indexes with as little effort as possible, take a look at Au2HTML. This professional-strength suite of Webmaster tools automates code-intensive routines associated with thumbnail page and image library creation. Use it to create hyperlinked index pages of filenames and/or thumbnails on the fly, generate custom thumbnails of various file formats, and put together online libraries from local or remote file directories automatically. Au2HTML also generates clean HTML code for selected thumbnails and filenames -- complete with relative thumbnail references. Its built-in image viewer and code editor are cleverly cross linked and easy to navigate. Painlessly compile image collections, generate thumbs, compose and edit display pages, then upload them to your Web space -- all in one environment. This download adds frame page and table wizards, as well as other enhancements.

rated 5 stars!
Five Star Rating!

Reviewer Comments to Author :
Au2HTML just keeps getting better. I could not find a What's new or file history section on your Website. All the features were lumped together, so I went from memory on what exactly this version added. Thanks for this great tool, and thanks for uploading to ZDnet ~ Dwayne

Review by Dwayne Coots, ZDNet (10/98)

Au2HTML is a professional-strength suite of programs for anyone who needs to catalog, present, and deliver multiple images on the Web. It makes it easy to host image libraries by automatically creating custom-sized thumbnails, then generating the HTML code for hyperlinked, thumbnail-indexed Web pages. Simply configure settings through friendly input dialogs, and Au2HTML quickly processes each step, depositing your new Web-ready pages in its comprehensive HTML editing environment. From there, you can customize the look of each page, then use the program's built-in FTP services to upload the entire library directly to a Web server. Well documented and perfect for less-experienced Webmasters, Au2HTML automates many tedious, code-intensive tasks.

rated 5 stars!
Five Star Rating!

Review by Dwayne Coots, ZDNet

Trading links is still a great way to promote your Website, and LinxCop is a great tool to manage those exchanges. It provides an easy-to-use Microsoft Jet-driven database for maintaining complete records of each reciprocal-link URL location, code snippet, date and time of last confirmation, and contact name and email address. You can set up custom advisory messages with boilerplate header and footer, then automatically dispatch an email notice to the current contact address anytime the program encounters a bad or missing link. LinxCop allows you to automate any step of the validation process, and to display generated event logs in a local viewer. You can even launch the current document in your default browser to confirm accessibility of questionable links. This well-documented trial version only supports two URL entries, but basic registration allows a 50-site database.

rated 4 stars!

The FileDudes

Au2HTML is a program that creates thumbnails and the HTML index pages of your images. Simply point this program to a directory that contains the files and it autmatically generates the index files and/or thumbnails of that directory! It will even index your non-graphic files! It also has a built in HTML editor, HTML Code Generator, Thumbnail Generator, Browser Path and External FTP for easy transfering of html pages and files! Web library pages are now a snap! This program will save you a TON of time when creating or updating library pages!

Rated: Rated 5 Stars!

CodeSwitcher allows you to switch, add or edit html code on all your pages at once! Does it take a lot of time changing your pages around just to keep them fresh? You can refresh your image files on one or multiple pages, add a banner or link to Multiple web pages, change an URL or link occurrence on one or more pages and much more. Just let CodeSwitcher handle it for you.

"The program is wonderful! We are redoing the site and what would have taken me 2-3 days took me less than an hour, and that included learning the program!! Now we're going to redo one of the other sites!" Thanks, Michelle from

" There's not a lot you can say, but this Thumbnail program delivers the true "point and click" ease everybody is after! If this program was out years ago I might have never learned html coding because it does it all for you! So whether you're a Newby or Professional this program will save you time! And for some of us, time IS money
Dr Monte A Keiner Phd,MSD


Gordon from Los Angeles wrote: 	
Creating pages with thumbnails is what i do for living and this program 
has gotten me more quality of life since i spend more time with my family now 	

Mike from Boston wrote: 	
Nice program! Just what I needed, thanks for the quick help from this newbie!! 		

Just wanted you to know how happy I am with the AU2 program I recently got from y'all. I am redesigning my entire site ( over 1 gb of .jpgs) and adding thumbnails of everything, thanks to you! I am Sooo pleased :) Thanks, Carol

Hey man, I call that Customer Service!!!.... Thanks again, that saves my life when it comes to boring html! Derek IP Administrator

many many thanks for your kind help and PROFESSIONAL support !!!
I have appreciated both too much ! This is the right way to do business ( Many
people have forgot this matter, but you NO ! ).

I just wanted to write and tell you I love this software. I am not very
computer literate, I basically just get by and learn as I go. Anyway, I
purchased your software, downloaded and installed it today and I love it. It
was as easy as you said it would be. It will help me with our webpage alot.
Thanks again. Any other programs I need I will be back to your page!
Susan & Micky

(about RankHigher) My wife just commented she likes the layout and the purple color, we both
agreed it's one of the most valuable programs in our arsenal. You guys have done a fine job on this one.
if there just might be any inside private tips I would pledge to keep them to myself. just checking (smile)

I have expiremented with 3 programs. a cgi page generator, engine specific generates 4 pages at a time, searchpositioning, which is a glorification of the cgi script I have then
they e-mail you the pages, and your program(RankHigher). Guess which one has the most
flexibility and user input/modification, ease of use and total page
generation control??

ok you win :-)

I recently downloaded your product as a possible solution for a website I was working on. I am working with a Photographer to put the weddings that he does online so that interested family members (especially those that live far away) can easily view and order pictures. One problem we where having was the photographer (most photographers) have the option of getting there pictures back from the lab on CD. We needed thumbnails of those pictures (otherwise he would have to do this manually) to put in the database. That is where your product came did the job nicely. More importantly my client shared with me that you accommodated his request for changes to the product in less than a that is customer service and what I am looking for.

... I usually feel that I am typing into thin air but your response time and solutions are the best I have ever seen. Now I can get to my project. Thank you!

Hey, I'm impressed. You replied within 30 minutes and you were right. Everything working now. I really should have been able to figure the answer out myself!

...By the way, you are the most responsive email tech I have ever dealt with. It's nice to know that some companies still care about

Thanks - As my second fax indicated, our DNS records were giving us problems. Seems to be corrected, I did receive the registration info - THANK YOU for the extra effort. Looking forward to using the product.

...And now that I know how valuable - all of your additional versions has done for Rank Higher - it is definitely worth recommending. If you ever need a Testimonial from me - very glad to mention the fine coding.

<about CodeSwitcher>..By the way I LOVE YOUR PROGRAM IT IS SO WONDERFUL I COULD KISS YOU FOR MAKING IT. I use it 30 - 60 times a day on my 18000 webpages.

An F.Y.I. for you - before I discovered that you had a new version out - I had discovered ******** now called ************* a year ago. There is a tremendous amount - that I didn't like about their program
and their most recent version is more screwed up than before. So I'm not using it and that's why I returned to RankHigher last Sunday and discovered your upgrade. Thanks!!

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